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Paper Cuts: A MirandoMix

Artist Song
Gary Jules  Mad World 
Cake  Pretty Pink Ribbon 
Garbage  When I Grow Up 
Barry Maguire  Eve of Destruction 
Moxy Frnvous  King of Spain 
Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies  One Tin Soldier 
...letterbox...  Stick With Me 
Phil Ochs  Miranda 
Phil Ochs  Pretty Smart on My Part 
Phil Ochs  The Scorpion Departs but Never Returns 
Simon & Garfunkel  Alone Again (Naturally) 
Norman Blake  You Are My Sunshine 
Janis Joplin  Me & Bobby McGee 
Rent OCR  Another Day 
Radiohead  Karma Police 
Blue +yster Cult  Burnin' For You 
Crowded House  Don't Dream It's Over 


Some Mirandom standards & some last-fall lyrical infatuations. It's a mix thereof, by golly!

I made this so I could have something to which I could listen while writing my first American Fiction paper last fall. Hence the name.

In case you care, my paper was basically about diegesis and the god-like power of the author, and my thesis was blown to bits because of some literary theory of which I wasn't even aware. Whoops!

For my second paper I just wrote about characters who were happy.

Well, at least I have a mix CD.

? It makes me happy ?