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For Collin

Artist Song
..Trail of Dead  All St Day 
Spoon  Back to the Life 
Mates of State  Everyone Needs an Editor 
the White Stripes  Expecting 
Bright Eyes  Falling Out of Love at this Volume 
Cursive  Making Friends and Aquaintances 
Lullaby for the Working Class  Honey, Drop the Knife 
the Shins  Know Your Onion! 
Son, Ambulance  I'm Afraid of Everything 
Commander Venus  Jean's TV 
Rilo Kiley  Jenny, You're Barely Alive 
the New Pornographers  Loose Translation 
Park Ave  She's An Actress 
Hot Hot Heat  No, Not Now 
My Bloody Valentine  Only Shallow 
Tiger Army  Power of Moonlite 
Sondre Lerche  Sleep on Needles 
the Faint  Some Incriminating Photographs 
Yo La Tengo  Stockholm Syndrome 
the Postal Service  This Place is a Prison 
Statistics  Hours Seemed like Days 
Now It's Overhead  Who's Jon 


This kid has a crush on me. My brother and I talk about movies I want to rent and then inevitablly the kid buys the tapes so he can lend them to me. I had a friend over but we didn't finish Requiem for a Dream. So I wanted to keep it another week and I felt bad since I've had it so long. So I thought this would be a fair trade. I attempted to make it as neutral as possible. Meh.


Date: 9/1/2003
Poor kid. Great mix = fair trade, eh?