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Artist Song
the roches  losing true 
jim o'rourke  women of the world 
herman & kleine  dagger 
PiL  fat chance hotel  
joni mitchell  help me 
cocteau twins  fifty fifty clown 
spiritualized  shine a light 
the roches  hammond song 
timmy thomas  why cant we live together 
novasonic hyperspace  heave ho 
komeit  when the sun hits 
manitoba  jacknuggeted 
ms. john soda  solid ground 
joni mitchell  woodstock  


This is a mix that really sums up how i am feeling these days. it is a sort of end of summer and beginning of fall type of thing, lots of harmonics and beautiful things. it is very self-indulgent, made for the headphones. i like it.


Date: 9/4/2003
how I love the change of seasons from

Summer      into      Fall

: )       : )      : )