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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

That was summer and this is now

Artist Song
Radiohead  Worrywort  
The Smiths  William, it was really nothing 
Heather Nova  Gloomy Sunday (cover) 
Air   Playground Love 
The Cardigans  Been It 
Radiohead  Killer Cars 
Ambulance Ltd.  Stay Where You Are 
Pixies  Trompe Le Monde 
Enon  Natural Disasters 
Le Tigre  Get Off the Internet 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Speakers Push Air 
The Postal Service  Such Great Heights 
New Pornographers  The Laws Have Changed 
Grant Lee Buffalo  The Whole Shebang 
John Lennon  Oh Yoko 
Roxy Music  Virginia Plain 
The Stills  Still in Love Song 
The Church  Under the Milky Way 
The Cure  Just Like Heaven 
Radiohead  True Love Waits 


Title option 2: Candles on the Cake
"Worrywort" - a lovely wake-up song.
I tend to start and end with Radiohead.
So what? I also stuck a b-side in the middle.
Originally, I made this for my brother.
He wanted to know what I was listening to.
I also made a copy for myself.
"A Summer Wasting" by B&S would be a nice addition.
It was hard deciding on which "Gloomy Sunday" version to put on. I almost chose Bjork's but the continuous intro made me impatient. It's sort out of place on the mix, though fitting to the beginning of fall. I hope you enjoy.
The mix is mellow, it rises, and falls again.
Many of these songs have a cartoonish sound quality, maybe something you'd hear in the background of a fantastic video game (hence the megaman III cover). My friend thinks this mix is "Peanuts" dance-worthy. And that's good enough for me ^_^
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paperbag righter
Date: 9/5/2003
sssweeeeeeet radiohead tracks...the best way to start and end, i do declare. and that air is just magical.
Date: 9/5/2003
i like this....tons!!!
sheesh...you have everything on here! just amazing!
Date: 9/6/2003
Well you can never get too much of Radiohead... ;)

And I like the titel you chose, goes good with the mix...