"we both knew her words were in vain"

Artist Song
all girl summer fun band  dear mr. and mrs. troublemaker 
the promise ring  best looking boys 
the beatles  do you want to know a secret? 
brandtson  in the pills 
cat power  (i can't get no) satisfaction 
chicago  questions 67 & 68 
denison witmer  the 80s 
hellogoodbye  homewrecker 
pedro the lion  priests/paramedics 
sunny day real estate  pillars 
sensefield  you own me 
the new amsterdams  stay on the phone 
hey mercedes  quality revenge at last 
third eye blind  misfits 
mxpx  southbound 


This is for Abigail!!! Just a mix of stuff for her to enjoy...which hopefully she will. I just saw the new amsterdams and matt pryor ended on my fave song by them which is on this mix. Also, cat power is a necesity for any good mix and putting into the great mix category hehe. And thats my feet at Coit Tower...not to far from you abigail hehe...sorry i missed ya!
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Date: 9/6/2003
You quote Pedro The Lion's "Bad Diary Days", and yet it's not on the mix!??!?! What?!?! It's such a good song.
Date: 9/6/2003
sorry mitzi...i absolutely love that song..its just i was about to put a live version on but too much talking towards the end and i didnt feel like editing it lol...talk about lazy...but yes i dont like when people quote songs and dont include them...add me to that list...dang it!
kelly child
Date: 9/7/2003
you have very big feet, i must say. and the inclusion of anything by the all girl summer fun band is certainly appreciated. never imagine that it's not! it seems, altogether, wonderfully warm and stuffed with marshmallowy goodness. nice stuff...