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crush it up, take it down, smash it up, falling down

Artist Song
Alkaline Trio  Trouble Breathing 
Plain White T's  Radios In Heaven 
Something Corporate  Bad Day 
Yellowcard  Powder 
Motion City Soundtrack  Modern Chemistry 
Our Lady Peace  Clumsy 
Count The Stars  Understanding 
Goo Goo Dolls  Iris 
Lucky Boys Confusion  Fred Astaire 
Left Front Tire   Therapy 
Nirvana   Polly 
Cursive  The Lament Of Pretty Baby 
The Beautiful Mistake  Light a Match 


My friend wanted a cd of depressing songs, these are the ones i chose. it's got songs about feeling crappy-bad day, trouble breathing, death-radios in heaven, not being good enough-fred astaire. i dunno, if you listen to the lyrics, they're not the most depressing songs ever, but a bit melancholy all the less.


Date: 9/11/2003
Great mix! Brand New's "Play Crack The Sky" would be right at home on this.