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Chasing a Dream

Side A
Artist Song
Fountains of Wayne  Leave the Biker  
Weezer  Waiting on You  
Liz Phair  Supernova  
Billy Joel  Uptown Girl  
The Beatles  Honey Pie  
The Pixies  Winterlong 
Nerf Herder  Golf Shirt 
Veruca Salt  My Sharona 
Pink Floyd  If  
Nirvana  Heart 
James Taylor  Something in the Way 
I Just Threw Out the  Do You Love Me Now? 
Side B
Veruca Salt  With David Bowie  
Sebadoh  Willing to Wait  
Weezer  Suzanne 
Teenage Fanclub  December  
Belly  King  
Frank Black  Speedy Marie 
Pink Floyd  Pigs on the Wing (Pa 
Tanya Donelly  These Days 
Radiohead  Fake Plastic Trees  
Shaped Box Liz Phair  Dream 
Ticket to Ride  Weezer 
Phish  Waste Tanya Donelly 
The Pixies  Havalina 


I made this for the only girl I will ever love. "Maybe someday when my ship comes in, she'll understand what kind of guy I've been, and then I win"


dan crown
Date: 9/15/2003
my name is dan crown too!! wow... we should be soulmates