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for my internet man!

Side A
Artist Song
Semisonic  Singing in my Sleep  
Lisa Loeb  Truthfully  
Smash Mouth  Can't Get Enough Of 
The Sundays  Summertime  
The Cure  Friday I'm in love  
Dido  Thank You  
Aerosmith  I don't Want To Miss 
10,000 Maniacs  These are the Days 
The Wannadies  You and Me Song  
James Iha  The sound of Love Bl 
Undeniable Dog's Eye  Umbrella 
Tenderness  Beatles 
Side B
Stone Temple Pilots  Lady Picture Show  
Better Than Ezra  Desperately Wanting  
Everclear  So Much For The Afte 
Counting Crows  Angels of Silence 
Toad the Wet Sprocke  Come Down 
Better Than Ezra  R3wind 
Reel Big Fish  She Has A Girlfriend 
Sugar Ray  Rivers  
Tonic  Eyes of Sand 
Dammit  Leann Rimes 
Leann Rimes  Side of Angels 
All my loving Semiso  Closing Time 


Side A is the mushy side..where all the words have most of the meaning...