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Side A
Artist Song
nina simone  see 
if love was a train  fiona apple 
tigger cut  lori carson 
forced love  me'shell ngdeocello 
outta me  ani difranco 
a case of you  smashing pumkins 
the double  the cure 
maryland  madonna 
i don't think that i  stereolab 
Side B
line woman  michelle shocked 
the first taste  pavement 
snow comes down  sebadoh 
step into the projec  ani difranco 
outta me  joni mitchell 
snail  sarah masen 
pictures of you  vonda shepherd 
candy perfume girl  waterdeep 
miss modular  harrod & funck 


I made side one of thismix before going up to Canada to visit a religious community where this guy that i have had a crush on since last summer is staying for a while...the second half was made after i got back...note the change in mood in outlook...this is my first attempt at mixing a tape with out being concerned about the flow from one style to the next....usually I make sure that my tapes kind of all blend really well.