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Side A
Artist Song
James Taylor  Stop Thinkin' 'Bout 
The Smiths  Unloveable  
The Police  Every Little Thing S 
Talking Heads  Stay Up Late  
Romeo & Juliet  Indigo Girls 
Jane Siberry  It Can't Rain All th 
Juliana Hatfield  Spin the Bottle 
Sarah McLachlan  Fear  
The Cure  Catch  
Sting  Fortress Around Your 
Side B
Cat Stevens  Don't Be Shy  
Ani DiFranco  32 Flavors  
Beth Orton  Whenever  
The Beatles  Julia  
Everything But the G  Mirrorball 
The Police  Wrapped Around Your 
Natalie Merchant  I May Know the Word  
Fiona Apple  Slow Like Honey  
Indigo Girls  I Don't Wanna Talk A 
Alone  The Beatles