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Cassette | Theme - Depression


Side A
Artist Song
alkaline trio  cringe 
phantom planet  always on my mind 
elvis costello  alison 
get up kids  10 mins to downtown 
the ataris  your bf sucks 
the descendents  wendy 
useless id  a year to forget 
less than jake  i think i love you 
new found glory  my friends over you 
saves the day  jodie 
Side B
mxpx  tomorrow another day 
movielife  walking on glass 
jimmy eat world  tables are for glasses 
weezer  sweater song 
the vandals  my girlfriends dead 
rancid  ruby soho 
greenday  i dont want to fall in love 
descendents  silly girl 
glassjaw  babe 
greenday  2000 light years away 


here is my mix. just to warn you it isn't that good.