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CD | Theme - Depression

We work our way around each other

Artist Song
Gemma Hayes  Back of My Hand 
Tears for Fears  Head Over Heels 
Big Head Todd & the Monsters  Bittersweet 
The Beatles  Don't Let Me Down 
Doves  Satellites 
Crowded House  Fall at Your Feet 
The Sheila Divine  Every Year 
Dashboard Confessional  Hands Down 
Ed Harcourt  Apple of My Eye 
Shea Seger  Clutch 
Jeff Buckley  Your Flesh is So Nice 
Bright Eyes  Lover I Don't Have to Love 
Elbow  Asleep in the Back 
Beth Orton & Ryan Adams  Concrete Sky 
Get Up Kids  Overdue 
Bernard Butler  Not Alone 


I don't know if narrative is an appropriate classification for this, but it kind of morphed into one. This mix started out as me feeling sorry for myself because I continue to allow this guy to hurt my feelings. I HAD kind of considered him a friend, but I'm trying to rethink that. I haven't known him for very long and when we first met he was super cool and he made me laugh and we flirted a LOT and we had lots of fun. Then something happened and now he's totally different. He tends to ignore me and crazy though it seems, it hurts my feelings. But I can't help this completely undeserved, ill advised affection I have for him. It'd be easier to get over it if I didn't keep catching him watching me when I see him out, but not in a stalker kind of way- in that forlorn way that says I screwed up royally but I'm a guy and I'm too stupid to admit it so I'll just treat you like crap.

Anyway... this mix ended up with a kind of "I love him, I hate him, I'm over him" feel to it, at least for me. I'm actually pretty pleased with it. The title is from the Big Head Todd song and actually applies to the mix and to my life right now. This whole "acquaintanceship" is pretty much made up of us working our ways around each other. I have a crush on him, I'm about 95% sure that he likes me too, but neither of us is going to say anything. It's all very high school. We just spend our time together trying not to pay attention to the other while simultaneously attempting to attract the other's attention. It's really a sad situation now that I see it in print. But that's how it is. Thanks for letting me vent, kids.


Date: 9/24/2003
Very nice! I think "Walking On The Spot" by Crowded House would have worked, too. Hang in there...