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that orca's like us/ after nine-eleeevvveeeeeeeeennnnnnn

Artist Song
the streets  too much brandy 
daft punk  oh yeah 
zero zero  back to hell 
tahiti 80  heartbeat 
sean paul  international affair 
the books  a true story of a story of true love 
karate  small fires 
travis morrison  song for the orca 
medeski martin & wood  no ke ano ahiahi 
earlimart  dreaming of 
ben gibbard  farmer chords 
up up down down left right left right b a start  as usual to me 
owls  what whorse you wrote id on 
pavement  shady lane 
r.e.m.  orange crush 
all girl summer fun band  jason lee 
the beatles  good morning, good morning 
elliot smith  color bars 
why?  dream on courtelyou 
mum  green grass of tunnel 
matmos  spondee 
tv on the radio  staring at the sun 


it's a party night, you're drinking, you're dancing, everything's good, everything's happy, you meet a girl, you make out with said girl, you talk about random things that come to your mind and hers, you head to the bed, not for sex but for a pillow fight, talking of past loves, playing truth or dare, smoking some weed and just relaxing. life is good. [for tim jones. not everything fits the story but the music all flows very well.]


Date: 9/24/2003
i love too much brandy. rawk.
Date: 9/24/2003
Awesome mix! And thanx fer yer comments on my top 100 pop songs mix. You made my day!
Date: 6/24/2005
Dude, I wish I could do that at every party.