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Evil Olive

Side A
Artist Song
tori amos  cornflakegirl 
the pixies  where is my mind 
now it's overhead  hi 
sunshine fix  digging to china 
denis leary  i'm happy 
circulatory system  the lovely universe 
shivaree  the cannibal king 
tulip sweet and her trail of tears  good morning boyfriend 
ed's redeeming qualities  buck tempo 
azure ray  displaced 
ca valait la peini  coralie clement 
of montreal  disguises 
sparrow  a testimonial 
the flaming lips  i can't get you out of my head 
pinback  tripoli 
mercury rev  a drop in time 
magnetic fields  the luckiest guy on the lower east side 
an aardvark (sesame street)  i'm an aardvark 
snowglobe  beautiful 
lone pigeon  concubine rice 
brak  coffee 
rilo kiley  the good that won't come out 
summer at shatter creek  i need a vacation 
pedro pietri  telephone booth #905 1/2 
swirling eddies  coco the talking guitar 
innocence mission  bright as yellow 
brak  i like hubcaps 
Side B
the black heart procession  sympathy crime 
sparklehorse  sunshine 
torrez  there are some places you should leave and never return to 
blood group  borrowed tune 
gary jules  mad world 
the blow  moon 
Am An Set  punk as fuck 
mirah  cold cold water 
tobin sprout  let go of my beautiful balloon 
false advertising  bright eyes 
destroyer  this night 
pinback  tres 
summer at shatter creek  i don't even miss you/say you'll be home 
the lassie foundation  el rey 
slowdive  soulvaki space station 
sigur ros  samskeyti 


this is really a two CD set. not a cassette.
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art tart
Date: 10/3/2003
this is beautiful...i especially love the circulatory system, rilo kiley and sparkelehorse.