Covered In The Studio, Covered Live & Covered By Therapy?

Artist Song
Blind Guardian  Mr. Sandman 
Blind Guardian  Surfin' USA 
Ladytron  Oops (Oh My) 
Carter U.S.M.  This Is How It Feels 
Carter U.S.M.  Panic 
Tool  No Quarter 
Kid Dynamite  Rise Above 
Kid Dynamite  Deny Everything 
Tiga  Hot In Herre 
Fu Manchu  Godzilla (live) 
Ben Folds Five  Champagne Supernova (live) 
Ben Folds Five  Hava Nagila (live) 
Beastie Boys  Big Shot (live) 
Therapy?  Isolation 
Therapy?  Breaking The Law 
Therapy?  C.C. Rider 
Therapy?  Diane 
Therapy?  Isolation (Consolidated Mix) 
Therapy?  Where Eagles Dare 
Therapy?  Diane (New Recording) 
Therapy?  Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight) 
Therapy?  Gimme Danger 
Therapy?  Gimme Nyquil All Night Long 


My friend Mark has a condition. He's cuckoo for covers. It doesn't matter who's doin the coverin, or who's bein covered. It just so happens that I have plenty of random covers in my archives and he needs a fix here and there. So I've started putting together these little collections for him. I make em half various artists, and half one artist since there are plenty who like to show their respect multiple times.


Date: 10/1/2003
is that 'big shot', as in the billy joel song? covered by the beastie boys? if so, that is hysterical.