. . .either you don't make any sense, or I'm too drunk for that sentence

Artist Song
LCBee  Alcohol 
Andrew WK  Party Hard 
Antiflag  Drink, Drank, Punk 
MxPx  Party, My House, Be There 
Get Up Kids  Beer for Breakfast 
Lagwagon  Beer Goggles 
Less Than Jake  Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems 
Lit  Everything's Cool 
NOFX  Quart in Session 
Reel Big Fish  Beer 
Alkaline Trio  Take Lots With Alcohol 
Bloodhound Gang  You're Pretty When I'm Drunk 
Five Iron Frenzy  Oh, Canada 
Kid Rock  Drinkin' Smokin' 
Sublime  40 oz. to Freedom 
The Champs  Tequila 
Barenaked Ladies  Alcohol 
Lit  My Own Worst Enemy 
Dropkick Murphys  Oi Oi Oi 
(unknown punk cover)  Gin and Juice 
Sublime  Tequila 


A birthday CD for my friend Staci, she's legal this month so I thought I'd make her the classic "songs about booze" mix. I had a lot of fun making this mix, and I'm hoping she enjoys it since I made an effort to include mostly upbeat, fun songs you can actually drink to. A note about the first track, it's actually a public service thing directed at steering kids away from alcohol because "they're special," paid for by the state of Pennsylvania. The title is something I said to Jenny last night.


Date: 10/2/2003
abigail dice1
Date: 10/2/2003
I love Quart In Session!! one of my VERY favorite NOFX tunes. right on. might I also suggest "I Got Drunk" by Uncle Tupelo....hehe.
Date: 10/2/2003
looks good, but it definatly needs liqour, beer and wine by rev. horton heat!!!!!
Date: 10/2/2003
Oh, I love this. A theme I most definitely relate to. The Bloodhound Gang track was one of my freshman year theme songs.
Girl Take It Easy
Date: 10/2/2003
this is hot. Love that RBF song. Suggested inclusions: "Maggie May" and "Girl Take It Easy" by the Pietasters