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The Old Man Muttered Something Just Before He Died

Artist Song
Flogging Molly  Grace of God Go I 
Tom Waits   House Where Nobody Lives 
Christie Moore  Black is the Colour (live) 
Shane MacGowan  The Song With No Name 
Johnny Cash  Long Black Veil 
Tom Waits  Picture in a Frame 
Ashley MacIssac  MacDougall's Pride 
Tom Waits  Heart of Saturday Night 
The Tossers  Wedding 
Gavin Bryars and Tom Waits  Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet 
The Tossers  Everything's Bad 
Tom Waits  Tom Traubert's Blues 
The Pogues  Kitty 
The Pogues   A Pair of Brown Eyes (live) 
Flogging Molly  Far Away Boys 
Nick Smyth (Siobhan)  Auld Triangle 
The Pogues  A Rainy Night in Soho 
Dire Straits  Brothers in Arms 
Kevin Quain  Born a Dog 


I love finding beautiful things in weird places. Looking at the artists on this mix, you wouldn't think that the disc could bring a tear to your eye. This is an attempt to recreate the best mix I ever made a few years ago for a friend who really needed it.


Date: 10/5/2003
i have to say this is one of the best mixes i've seen yet. perfect! i wouldn't change a thing.
Date: 10/25/2003
Very cool mix, I dig it very much. I like that there is more than one Tom Waits Song on here. Hey Wait a sec, are you that drunkin Yelling , chicken guy I see around Ottawa. If so I enjoy your all your shows, if now not never mind me I'm drunk, but good mix non the less.
Date: 10/25/2003
Drunken yelling chicken guy? That's one of the greatest descriptions I've ever heard. Yes, I suppose that's me. I'm glad you enjoy the shows.
jessica disobedience12
Date: 11/2/2003 you put the pogues, the tossers, flogging molly, johnny cash, and tom waits on a mix. i think i'm in loooove. . .