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I.O.U one galaxy (22.mar.03)

Side A
Artist Song
the ataris  song for a mix tape 
smashing pumpkins  today 
dashboard confessional  hands down 
unwritten law  rest of my life 
eskimo joe  wake up 
blink 182  josie 
speedstar  song for you 
the get up kids  i'll catch you 
AIR  playground love 
garbage  #1 cush 
the wannadies  you and me song 
lit  misrable 
less than jake  i think i love you 
the ataris  i.o.u. one galaxy 
simple plan  i'd do anything 
yellowcard  somthing of value 
Side B
alkaline trio  radio 
dashboard confessional  remember to breathe 
phantom planet  the guest 
the anaversary  sweet marie 
hot rod curcuit  the pharmacist 
rival skools  bells 
international noise conspiracy  a north west passage 
A.F.I  days of the phoemix 
at the drive in   
deftones  back to skool 
unwritten law  baby baby 
the donnas  skin tight 
sundays best  sacchrine 
audio karate  half way decent 
the white stripes  little room 


okay, well this is a mix tape i gave to my b/f on our first month anaversary.(we are now on our 7th :P )the first side i know is a litte bit poppy punk compared to my other mixes but thoes songs express the words and way i feel towards him. and the second side is just the songs/bands i was listening to at that time and wanted him to hear.


Date: 10/7/2003
nice. what at the drive-in song did you use?
Date: 2/21/2004
Bad ass, I just hope he didnt take "Radio" too seriously :)