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Never Enough : The Ballad of a Broken Heart

Artist Song
Sarah MacLachlan  Fear 
Failure  Stuck on You 
Wilco  She's a Jar 
Depeche Mode  Policy Of Truth 
Collective Soul  All Your Weight 
Gossip  Lesson Learned 
Jets To Brazil  You're Having the Time of My Life 
The Smiths  Asleep 
Pop Will Eat Itself  Wake Up! Time to Die... 
The Faint   Agenda Suicide 
Beatles  I'm Looking Through You 
Radiohead  Creep 
Billy Talent  Try Honesty 
Tom Petty  You Don't Know How It Feels 
Reel Big Fish  I Hate You, Fuck You, Leave Me Alone 
Pearl Jam  Jeremy 
Third Eye Blind  How's It Gonna Be? 


I touched a star /and hit a car /and then we ran out like there was no tomorrow. /Now you're gone/ and I sing this song,/ wishing that you'd wake up and start to cry./ maybe if you knew/ how much I loved you,/ I wouldn't have to lie/ but I do and that is why/ I wrote this poem.............there's more to this poem/song/ballad but I wrote it by hand and turned it in for an assignment. The piece is about a relationship that ended. Bitterly. She didn't want me around. I didn't want to apologize. What's said is said and what is done is done. Stories of teenage sexuality and the damage done by assuming that the other party loves you back, how delightful are they???....
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Date: 10/9/2003
Nice one. :) The opener is beautiful.
Date: 10/9/2003
NICE failure cut. also a big fan of the pearl jam...nice art, too.
Katie Red
Date: 10/9/2003
this is a good, but sad mix. i like the songs and the art rocks too. by the way, that collective soul song is actually called Heavy. good mix.