you make my alaphabet complete.

Side A
Artist Song
smog  let's move to the country 
mirah   mount st. helen's 
built to spill  built to spill 
the lucksmiths  how to tie a tie 
ben lee  no room to bleed 
the sea and cake  soft and sleep 
they might be giants  sick of this american life 
pete yorn  come back home 
guided by voices  bulldog skin 
poster children  he's my star 
flaming lips  do you realize 
julie doiron  explain 
earlimart  we're so happy... 
yo la tengo  sugarcube 
built to spill + caustic resin  when not being stupid is not enough 
Side B
sam cooke   mean old world 
elvis costello  i want you 
julie doiron  so fast 
peggy lee  all the cats join in 
leonard cohen   i'm your man 
yo la tengo  autumn sweater 
earlimart  we drink on the job 
april march  nothing new 
the sea and cake  jacking the ball 
death cab for cutie  i was a kaleidoscope 
dear nora  my guitar 
chavez  unreal is here 
the butchies  movies movies 
smog  dress sexy at my funeral 
mirah  birthday present 
spiritualized  cool waves 


two cd set for a lovely saturday.


Date: 10/11/2003
very cool