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southern rock

Side A
Artist Song
joe walsh  rockey mountain way 
jackyl  push comes to shove  
lynyrd skynyrd  sweet home alabama  
steppenwof  rock me 
zakk wylde  the things you do  
jackyl  dumbass country boy 
kasnsas  carry on my wayward 
Side B
jackyl  the lumberjack  
steppenwolf  born to be wild  
george thourogood  bad to the bone 
georgia sattelittes  keep your hands to y 
david lindley  mercury blues  
mountain  mississippi queen  
pride and glory  losin your mind 


as you can tell i like jackyl they are the best "southern" rock band since skynyrd and are way to underrated this was made as a tribute to mtv and every other radio station rolling stone and other media who got caught up in all that seattle grunge SHIT trend.