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CD | Electronic - Ambient
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e~n~o (a tribute)

Side A
Artist Song
brian eno//another green world  becalmed 
cascone  riding windhorse 
r. hawtin  packard 
giles reaves  evolutions 
eno//brand x  sky saw 
r. parkes  modus operandi 
bowie/eno//de benedictus  warzawa 
eno//surface 10  an ending 
Side B
steve roach  remembrance 
eno//darXtar  the secret place 
r. hawtin  rekall 
parkes  water margin 
eno//controlled bleeding  somber reptiles 
adepojug  umayeyo 
jon hassell  wing melodies (eno plays bass--too cool) 
eno//alien planetscapes  energy fools the magician 


A killer, meandering tribute to the man who invented Ambient music.
Almost had some help from Bowie on this one--think he was pissed 'cause "warzawa" was a cover--not his original studio version with brian. This one creates an encompassing atmosphere--beautiful noise.
the // after eno denotes the band that covered the tune.
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Junior D 1
Date: 4/9/2002
Ok, after listening to this mix a few times I think I get it. I requested it w/out really looking at it, and was suprised to hear photek, hawtin etc. on it at first, but now I think I understand how it all comes together. Very cool selections, and a great tape to have on in the home, or in a rocket.
the spangle maker
Date: 9/5/2002
This is a beautiful sounding tape!