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Chaotic '96

Side A
Artist Song
W-PRB, Princeton NJ  Intro: Chaotic 
Paul Dansky  Still Time 
Ynos  Exit Stop 
Glen Branca  Double Choir @ the Gates of Heaven 
Angel Chrome  In the Nursery 
Mark Roach  Voidescence 
Bowie  Heart's Filthy Lesson 
Side B
Stereolab  Golden Ball  
David Gilmour  DEAFinitely  
King Crimson  Industry 
W-PRB-Princeton  wee hours excerpt 
Ambient Temple  Initiation 
W-PRB  wee hours #2 
Bowie  Night Flights 
Stephen Rommel  Fluer Haaf 
W-PRB  wee hours #s 3 & 4 


I occaisionally run some tape overnight off a college radio station: W-PRB, Princeton, NJ and then craft what I get into a blend of madness.
Released 8/96 on Nirvyanna Sorbet.


Stephen Rommel
Date: 2/18/2002

I'M STEPHEN ROMMEL, i live in santa fe, n.m.

experimental is my middle name.

i'm a dj too, for lack of a better word.

do you tekno?

i've heard jersey is wonderful this time of year.


g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 6/4/2005