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"There's Nothing Wrong With Me" - The Best Of Cathal Coughlan

Artist Song
Microdisney  Love Your Enemies 
Microdisney  Idea 
Microdisney  Dolly 
Microdisney  Birthday Girl 
Microdisney  Town To Town 
Microdisney  Singer's Hampstead Home 
Fatima Mansions  Only Losers Take The Bus 
Fatima Mansions  Angel's Delight 
Fatima Mansions  Blues For Ceauseseu 
Fatima Mansions  Something Bad 
Fatima Mansions  1000% 
Fatima Mansions  The Loyalizer 
Fatima Mansions  Belong Nowhere 
Cathal Coughlan  Unbroken Ones 
Cathal Coughlan  Eerin Go Braghag 
Cathal Coughlan  The Ghost Of Limehouse Cut 
Cathal Coughlan  And Springtime Followed Summer 
Cathal Coughlan  Amused As Hell 


Cathal Coughlan is one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time. This collection serves as a good introduction to his vast variety of work. Anal fans might complain that I did not include anything from Bubonique's two albums, and only one track from his solo album "Black River Falls". To them I say "piss off" - this is a fine collection as is. You make one if you want those tunes.
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Date: 10/16/2003
Viva Cathal! "Town To Town" was where I came into the whole axis of O'Hagan and Coughlin...
Rich Anderson
Date: 10/16/2003
Thanks! I first discovered the wonders of Cathal when I found a copy of "Timo Mansio Dumps The Dead" (the 10 Track, Blue Cover, Promo Version) for $2.00 in a bargain bin of used CDs.
Date: 10/16/2003
You're most welcome, rest assured. Doesn't Cathal have website, too..? (Or is it for the Fatima Mansions..?)
Date: 10/16/2003
Nice job indeed! The Mansions totally kicked ass - I wish I had a chance to see them but I don't recall them ever coming to the States. "Lost In The Former West" is one of my all time fave albums. It has one of my fave lines in "popemobile to Paraguay": "It's been a while since you said heil you CIA-bred necrophile". The man knows his way around a verse. I always thought Microdisney were good, but they overall they missing something to charge me up. Your mix reminds me that i need to check out his solo stuff. Great job!