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Looking Back, Everything was for the Best

Artist Song
Counting Crows  Long December 
Coldplay  We Never Change 
David Grey  Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 
Coldplay  Everything's Not Lost 
Fionna Apple   Shadowboxer 
Coldplay  Trouble 
Fionna Apple  Criminal 
Jewel  I've been down so Long 
Verve Pipe  Freshmen 
Ben Harper  The Drugs Dont Work 
Avril Lavine  Damn Cold Night 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Midnight 
Duncan Sheik  Barely Breathing 
Dogs Eye View  Umbrella 
Moby  At Least We Tried 


Freshman Year was awesome, I learned a ton about myself. When I fell, I fell hard.
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Date: 10/20/2003
That Counting Crows song is beautiful, but it's almost become a caricature of itself. Moving forward, looking back, sigh wistful... we all get it now. It's like when girls/women take that Meredith Brooks song 'Bitch' + say something like, "It's like she wrote my SOUL!" Yeah, that's what she did. This seems rather downtrodden for a 'freshman year was AWESOME' mix. Ah well... Out.