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The Lynch Mix Old and Young

Side A
Artist Song
Arlo Guthrie  Oklahoma Hills  
Woody Guthrie  I ain't got no home  
Oklahoma Broadway re  Oklahoma 
Paint Your Wagon sou  I'm on my way 
South Pacific  A cockeyed optimist 
Henry Mancicni  As time goes by 
West Side Story  Somethings coming 
Beatles  I'll follow the sun 
Whiskeytown  Theme for a trucker  
Tom Waits  A little drop of poi 
Side B
Johnny Cash  Flesh and blood  
Madeline Peroux  After Midnight 
WUFA  That's alright 
Squirrle Nut Zippers  Put a lid on it 
Loius Prima  Blue 
Blondie  Die Young, Stay Pret 
Ben Folds Five  Uncle Walter  
Orchestraville  Rela life Jonah 
Tom Waits  Closing time  


Well I am going on a road trip to my family reunion. My Aunt asked me to make a reuniun tour tape. To explain the Lynch maddness this is what I came up with. Side A is called, "The History: What made us crazy" Side B, "The maddness persists".


Date: 7/14/2008
you should try The Kinks - 'Oklahoma, USA"