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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

Giving in was always easier than letting go

Artist Song
the Mercury Program  the secret to quiet 
The Sea and Cake  four corners 
Benjamin Gibbard  farmer chords 
the Decemberists  Here I dreamt I was an  
Belle & Sebastian  The loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner 
Pernice Brothers  Baby in Two 
Wheat  Death Car 
American Analog Set  Hard to Find 
The Faint  Glass Danse 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Speakers push the air 
New Pornographers  The laws have changed 
...And you will know us by the trail of dead  Crowning of a heart 
Dntel  (this is) the dream of Evan and Chan 
ill lit  In the thick 
The Decemberists  July, July! 
Aloha  Ferocious Love 
Jeremy Enigk  Abegail Anne 
Broken Hearts Are Blue  Pax Indigo 
The Album Leaf  Lamplight 



Date: 10/29/2003
Damn my Butter Fingers! Twice my pinky slipped the the return key, so twice you find this mix listed. I think you can complit it by looking at both lists. If you actually want any infor, let me know. Damn!
Date: 10/30/2003
Somebody define indie rock for me- please. I can understand why, for example, the New Pornographers are indie, but can't quite figure out HOW I know that why. IS indie really anything, or is it just some people's way of distancing themselves from the abhorrent distastefulness of mainstream rock. Remember what Marge + Homer Simpson said about being cool? Think about it. Out.
Date: 10/30/2003
Indie is basically music on an indepentdent label, but people like to label bands that have a retro or modern sound to be indie.
Date: 10/30/2003
If I may quote a source I can't seem to remember right this instant. Thank you.

"Never mind that whole thing about indie rock referring to bands from "independent" labels. We all know it isn't about that. Modest Mouse and Built to spill are on majors. Indie rock is an idea. Indie rock is a way of life. Indie rock is a long ass Doug Martsch guitar solo. Indie rock is a beard. Indie rock is a Death Cab For Cutie song. Indie rock is Conor Oberst and his buddies starting a record label at 15 years old. Indie Rock is dancing on stage with the Flaming Lips in a bunny suit. Indie rock has a history. It's Sonic Youth and the Pixies and Pavement. It's Matador and Sub Pop. It's green shoes and Spam t-shirts. It's embracing absurdity. It's clove cigarettes and smiths covers. It's being cool with being uncool."

While some of that is silly, and some of it is a bit hookey, I think it's alright.

Oh, wait. What does this have do to with my mix?
...but it's NOT emo. This looks like a good mix, by the way.
phat grrl
Date: 11/3/2003
So, I see you are a fan of Kill Rock Stars/K Records. Riot grrl still lives. We could use you in Olympia.
Date: 4/26/2004
i love your definition of indie as i love this mix.
Date: 11/2/2004
hey pozatronic1. i just made a new mix, partly inspired by some of YOUR picks, and my own. thanks for inspiring me!!
Date: 2/5/2005
my lord, this is extraordinary, if for nothing else, then for the presence of the amazing ill lit. If it were up to me, i would've gotten in a laugh by snuggling the track right up next to Trail of Dead.
nice job.