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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

Herald, Frankenstein!

Artist Song
Wrens  Everyone Chooses Sides 
McLusky  Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues 
Elvis Costello and the Attractions  No Action 
Neko Case  Look for Me (I'll be Around) 
Police  Every Breath You Take 
Mohammed Rafi  Jaan Pehechaan Ho 
Elliott Smith  Happiness 
Justin Timberlake  Rock Your Body 
The Cure  Lullaby 
They Might Be Giants  We Want a Rock 
Failure  Enjoy the Silence 
Beck  Loser 
Jealous Sound  Hope For Us 
Curtis Mayfield  Pusherman 
Nick Drake  Things Behind the Sun 
Blur  Girls and Boys 
David Bowie  Look Back in Anger 
Clash  White Man in Hammersmith Palais 
Elvis Presley  Viva Las Vegas 
Tears for Fears  Pale Shelter 


I finally joined in on this one....1. A song from the last record you bought 2. A blues: not a necessarily a blues record but a song that is labelled (something) blues 3. A song that gets you going in the morning 4. A song that you think is romantic 5. One of the earliest records that you can remember listening to. (I hardly remember anything before 2nd grade or so, but I'm always reminded of this one) 6. A song that you discovered from a film (Ghost World, great opening sequence) 7. A song from your favourite band / artist 8. A song from an artist band that you otherwise don't like, but like this one (I never thought this would be true) 9. A Lullaby. 10. A song that makes you laugh / you find funny 11. A really good cover version 12. A song that reminds you of school days ( me and like 10 friends did karaoke of this in a 6th grade party) 13. A song from an artist that you are embarrassed to admit you like (I'm not really, but they're so emo, it's almost comical...and I love it) 14. Whatever it is, it's got to be funky 15. A song for those quiet rainy days 16. A song that no matter when you hear it makes you `Feelgood' 17. A song with the word `Look' in the title 18. From a member of the `Dead rockers society' 19. Your favourite Elvis song. 20. Wildcard - Hey, just put any song you like on!


Sweet Smog Child
Date: 10/30/2003
So many recent mixes have Elliott Smith- it's nice. I'm gonna do this.
Date: 10/30/2003
Looks pretty nice. Why are so many people putting Timberlake in the grudging categories?