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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre
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if you can't get here fast enough

Side A
Artist Song
the frames  what happens when the heart just stops? 
okkervil river  red 
juno  january arms 
cap'n jazz  troubled by insects 
and you will know us by the trail of dead  totally natural 
bright eyes  if winter ends 
neutral milk hotel  little birds (live) 
ryan adams  come pick me up 
the weakerthans  everything must go! (alt. version) 
Side B
the microphones  the moon 
xiu xiu  suha 
songs: ohia  lioness 
i am a carbon unit  the driving song 
mirah  make it hot 
red house painters  drop 
sigur ros  vidrar vel til loftarasa 


this is a tape i made for chris, though after making it for him i found out that he does not have a tape player. so this tape will never really be heard unless i make it again. anyway, it actually does have a story to it, but i'm not sure if it's obvious to anyone but myself. the narrator begins on side a by packing his bags and leaving, and then trying to cope with saying goodbye. side a focuses mostly on what made this narrator leave. it is eventually decided that he just needs to get out. side b is that person's attempt to reconcile with the fact that they have left behind everything that they knew, and even though it was awful, it was still home. does that make sense? it made sense to me when i made it, i guess.


phat grrl
Date: 11/2/2003
I added this to my favorites, because it's so cool. Good work.
Date: 11/3/2003
i really like the story behind it, as well as the songs on it. bravo.