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CD | Theme - Depression
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CD | Theme - Break Up
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just another sad bastard mix.

Side A
Artist Song
the clean  anything could happen (and it coulde be right now) 
jesus & mary chain  some candy talking 
the go betweens  people say 
the diodes  tired of waking up tired 
tunnel of love  delilah 
the raincoats  lola 
billy bragg  she's got a new spell 
rem  ages of you 
simply saucer  dance the mutation 
the rolling stones  shattered 
wilco  california stars 
ted leo & the pharmacists  i'm a ghost 
nikki sudden  jangle town 
Side B
nico  these days 
the chills  pink frost 
interpol  nyc 
nick cave & the bad seeds  stranger than kindness 
pj harvey  working for the man 
micheal yonkers band  sold america 
guided by voices  as we go up we go down 
love  my little red book 
elliott smith  waterloo sunset 
.......................................  ...................................... 
sonic youth  the diamond sea 
neil young  hey hey my my (into the black) 
the smiths  heaven knows i'm miserable now 


so i just broke up with my girlfriend, i have insomnia, and all my friends are on tour as i sit at home bored and depressed. these are a bunch of songs that fit my moods of late.
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Date: 11/6/2003
Women are crazy. Men may be assholes, but women are friggin' crazy. This is a good mix, in that it'll keep you down until you're ready to come up. But it'll be a struggle if you keep listening to this. REM is bad for the soul no matter WHAT mood you're in. So wallow for a while, + remember: friggin' crazy. Out.
Date: 11/6/2003
i guess depressed was a little strong of a claim. being a lame pussy is more accurate.
abigail dice1
Date: 11/6/2003
so sorry to hear of your breakup, justin. but you've made a really great mix here! wow. I love anything off of billy bragg's "worker's playtime" and especially that track. my list would be too long of songs that I like off of here...so I'll just say, wonderful job! and I hope you feel better. take care. *hugs*
Date: 11/6/2003
Nice, dude!
Date: 11/7/2003
yeah.....good mix!