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The Covers CD 2

Artist Song
The Crickets  I Fought the Law 
Dead Kennedys  I Fought the Law 
Don Henly  Boys of Summer 
Ataris  Boys of Summer 
Rolling Stones  Paint It Black 
The Agony Scene  Paint it Black 
Black Sabbath  Paranoid 
Pantera  Paranoid 
U2  Sunday Bloody Sunday 
Evergreen Terrace  Sunday Bloody Sunday 
Soul Embraced  My Tourniquet 
Evanescence  Tourniquet 
Depeche Mode  Enjoy the Silence 
Evergreen Terrace  Enjoy the Silence 
REM  Losing my Religion 
Gregorian Monks  Losing my Religion 
Nine Inch Nails  Hurt 
Johnny Cash  Hurt 
Misfits  Skulls 
The Lemonheads  Skulls 


I'm a certified cover-phile. I can't get enough of another band's take on an original. I broke my ususal rule about not repeating bands on a mix CD with E.T., but they do good covers and since it's a themed CD I figured it's okay.

I also love the way it sometimes does put very very different spins on the songs, Hurt is the best example. Also, with the Tourniquet song by Soul Embraced and covered by Evanescence it's interesting to note that Rocky Gray plays in both outfits. Comedy comes in to play with the monks covering Losing My Religion. And if the Stones had formed in this decade as opposed to the 60's I'm sure Paint it Black would sound much more like Agony Scene's take on it.

Check it out.


Date: 11/6/2003
I'd love to hear 8, 14 and 16...!
Girl Take It Easy
Date: 11/6/2003
oh man! I had that monks track on my comp... and then accidentally deleted it. have been kiv=cking self in ass since then. Sooooooo awesome.
Date: 11/16/2003
I like the covers by the Atari's & the acoustic Lemonheads. Haven't heard some of these others thought. I have a couple of covers mixes as well, & yah, it is interesting how the covers can give the original a different spin.