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CD | Mixed Genre

i wanna be sedated (a case study in feeling bipolar)

Artist Song
the juliana theory  goodnight starlight 
bob seger  against the wind 
the queers  fuck the world 
steadman  whirlwind 
unwritten law  up all night 
azure ray  november 
elliot smith  sweet adeline 
violent femmes  blister in the sun 
smile empty soul  every sunday 
ani difranco  untouchable face 
jason mraz  10,000 motherfuckers 
nickelback  figured you out 
nirvana  negative creep (from muddy banks of the wishkah) 
tegan and sara  the first 
ramones  i wanna be sedated 


I love it when I'm bipolar.


Date: 11/9/2003
nice mix...it fits well with the bi-polarness, although I could do without Jason Mraz...
Date: 1/13/2004
WoW! I totally "feel ya", I love that Azurea songe and Nickelback!! Keep mixin' :)