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an intro to gawker slowdown

Artist Song
gawker slowdown  bruised, better off 
gawker slowdown  our love r.i.p. 
gawker slowdown  the saint pauls 
gawker slowdown  if the river come 
gawker slowdown  another one 
gawker slowdown  unlucky thirteen 
gawker slowdown  annie probably didn't feel a thing 
gawker slowdown  wishing for omaha 
gawker slowdown  tinfoil shakes 


gawker slowdown is a "honest lyrics, memorable melodies, and simple production from a minneapolis songwriter's basement studio." He plays local coffee houses in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, and is definatly worth checking out. This is a quick sampler of his stuff that I put together for my friends that had never heard him, and were planning on coming out to one of his shows. For more GS info, including these MP3s and more, check out his site at
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