dogs eating people is cool

Artist Song
hang on the box  the ugly side of the face 
pussy galore  alright 
missy elliott  work it 
xbxrx with quintron and miss pussycat  mardi gras (A side) 
scissor girls  by process e-lmnatn 
atari teenage riot  fuck all 
the locust  fixed companionship, ghost town irrationality 
free kitten  sex boy 
oblivians  trouble 
the gossip  on the prowl 
iggy pop  nightclubbing 
joy division  heart and soul 
calla  custom car crash 
sonic youth  stereo sanctity 
john spencer blues explosion  dang 
erase errata  ca viewing 
charles manson  marilyn monroe was my childhood shame 


I think it's sexy, and it sounds damned good to me.
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