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Artist Song
Queens Of The Stone Age  Better Living Through Chemistry  
DJ Shadow vs. The Freight Elevator Quartet  The Revolution Will Be Streamed 
Joseph Arthur  Invisible Hands  
Super_Collider  Darn (Cold Way O' Lovin') 
Primal Scream  Blood Money  
Sinead O' Connor  Til I Whisper U Something 
Grandaddy  Broken Household Appliance National Forest  
Midfield General  Devil In Sports Casual (Fatboy Slim Remix) 
Mogwai  Mogwai Fear Satan  
Zoo Bombs  Mo' Funky (Part 1) 
Queens Of The Stone Age  Infinity 
Grandaddy  The Perils Of Keeping It Real 


An eclectic mix of heavy guitar rock, IDM, hip hop beats and soft guitar rock....TT=72'50....DJ Zeus.


Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 8/16/2000
It can now be revealed that DJ Zeus is not one person, but is in fact a music industry think tank sent to infiltrate burgeoning youth culture movements.