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Going To Granma's House - The Best Of Wall Of Voodoo

Artist Song
Wall Of Voodoo  Longarm 
Wall Of Voodoo  Ring Of Fire 
Wall Of Voodoo  The Morricone Themes (Live) 
Wall Of Voodoo  Red Light 
Wall Of Voodoo  Animal Day 
Wall Of Voodoo  Back In Flesh 
Wall Of Voodoo  Tomorrow 
Wall Of Voodoo  Lost Weekend 
Wall Of Voodoo  Mexican Radio 
Wall Of Voodoo  Call Of The West 
Wall Of Voodoo  Funzone (Live at US Festival '83) 
Wall Of Voodoo  Far Side Of Crazy 
Wall Of Voodoo  Blackboard Sky 
Wall Of Voodoo  Big City 
Wall Of Voodoo  (Don't Spill My) Courage 
Wall Of Voodoo  Hollywood The Second Time 
Wall Of Voodoo  Country Of Man 
Wall Of Voodoo  The Grass Is Greener 
Wall Of Voodoo  Living In The Red (Live) 
Wall Of Voodoo  Granma's House 


Tracks 1-2 from "Wall Of Voodoo" EP
Track 3 from "Ring Of Fire" EP
Tracks 4-5 from "Dark Continent"
Tracks 6-10 from "Call Of The West
Track 11 from bootleg recording. Unreleased
Tracks 12-15 from "Seven Days In Sammystown"
Tracks 16-18 from "Happy Planet"
Track 19 from "Ugly Americans (Live In Australia)
Track 20 from "Wall Of Voodoo" EP
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I think there was an actual "best of" that came out entitled "Granma's House." Anyway, I love WOV...well, more specifically, the Ridgway material. Haven't heard any of the Prieboy stuff. Incidentally, that early live stuff on "Index Masters" was recorded about 10 miles from my house. Oh, and I would've thrown "Full Of Tension" and "Can't Make Love" on here, and possibly "Factory" and "The Passenger."
Rich Anderson
Date: 11/13/2003
I would have added those, but I waned a balance between Ridgway and Prieboy stuff. The whole thing clocks in at neary 80 minutes as is, though.