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Not So Happy.

Artist Song
Beck  Devil's Haricut 
White Stripes  Seven Nation Army 
The Strokes  Someday 
Cake  Frank Sinatra 
Coldplay  The Scientist 
Local H  Bound to the Floor 
The Pixies  Where Is my Mind 
Smashing Pumpkins  1979 
New Order  Crystal 
Radiohead  I Might be Wrong 
Ashley McIsaac  Sleepy Maggie 
Jeff Buckley  Lover, You Should've Come Over 
Mazzy Star  Disappear 
Nirvana  Lake of Fire (live) 
Audioslave  Getaway Car 


Braking in my new CD burner. I wanted to make something happy, and I got something not so happy, hence the title. I'm sorry, I try to be witty.


Brave Little Toaster
Date: 11/24/2003
I love that Nirvana Unplugged track. Good mix and, really, it isn't that not happy is it?