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CD | Theme - Depression

Post Megan Junior Year

Artist Song
The Strokes  Last Night 
Godsmack  Shut Up 
Nirvana  Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Gob  I Hear You Calling 
Incubus  Wish You Were Here 
The Calling  Wherever You Will Go 
Radiohead  Let Down 
Joe Jackson  Is She Really Going Out With Him 
Misfits  Die Die My Darling 
Against All Authority  Lifestyle of Rebellion 
Twisted Sister  We're Not Gonna Take It 
Nickleback  This is How You Remind Me 
Reel Big Fish  Beer 
Billy Idol  Dancing With Myself 
Dropkick Murphys  Barroom Hero 
Rob Zombie  Feel So Numb 
Sum 41  Rhythms 
Grease Cast (Play)  Mooning 
Cake  She'll Come Back to Me 
Nina Gordan  Tonight and the Rest of My Life 
Zebrahead  Wasted