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CD | Theme - Romantic

don't hog the covers

Artist Song
Lenny Kravitz  American Woman 
Melissa Etheridge  Let's Get it On 
Snake River Conspiracy  How Soon Is Now 
Simpleplan  Happy Together 
Travis  Baby One More Time 
Ghost of the Robot  Come As You Are 
Devo  I Can't Get No Satisfaction 
Smashmouth  I'm a Believer 
Boo Radleys  There She Goes 
Ben Folds  Golden Slumbers 
Jim Carey  I Am the Walrus 
Tori Amos  Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Violent Femmes  I Wanna Be Sedated 
Eddie Vedder  Behind Blue Eyes 
The Sundays  Wild Horses 


Christmas gift for my friend Mimi. She and I talk baout cover songs a lot, so there.