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CD | Theme - Road Trip
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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Break Me Gently

Artist Song
Doves  Break Me Gently 
Cat Stevens  If I Laugh 
John Mayer  Kid A (acoustic cover) 
Dashboard Confessional  Saints and Sailors 
Ben Lee  Room To Bleed 
Better Than Ezra  Under You 
Christopher O'Riley  True Love Waits (piano cover) 
Ben E. King  Stand By Me 
Radiohead  Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic) 
Christopher O'Riley  Karma Police (piano acoustic) 
David Gray  January Rain 
Damien Rice  Amie 
Elliot Smith  Somebody I Used To Know 
Lauryn Hill  To Zion 
Cat Stevens  Rubylove 
Matthews Sweet  I Thought I Knew You 
REM  Find The River 
Filter  Take A Picture 


a mix for long quiet drives in december...
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Date: 12/2/2003
Great mix. Especially all of the Radiohead. Starting this off with The Doves makes it even better.