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the axiomatic go go dance

Artist Song
led zeppelin  "hots on for nowhere" 
scott weiland  "mockingbird girl" 
eels  "last stop: this town" 
lou reed  "vicious" 
snow  "informer" 
saves the day  "see you" 
the rolling stones  "shattered" 
pixies  "debaser" 
stereophonics  "the bartender and the thief" 
dropkick murphys  "noble" 
outkast  "hey ya" 
the smashing pumpkins   "hello kitty kat" 
the cult  "she sells santuary" 
talking heads  "crosseyed and painless" 
the cure  "mint car" 
tom petty and the heartbreakers  "you don't know how it feels" 
lovage  "to catch a thief" 
the flys  "got you where i want you" 
type o negative  "pyretta blaze" 
travis  "the cage" 


a buch of danceable music that ahppens to apply to my life right now.
the zeppelin is for my dad and all the great friends i've got. real cheesy. and the song rocks.
the stones song is a tribute to my ex, while the loveage song is a sort of tribute to the new love interest.
murphys is for my friends from home (like kyle and john, even though john's a damned frenchy).
the travis song is the most applicable to my life, though i don't know if i can be as strong as Fran...
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