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Lukes Music Mix

Artist Song
K-Nitrate  Mental Poison  
SAM  Mindfuck  
The Prodigy & Pop Will Eat Itself  Their Law  
Rammstein  Pussy  
Faderhead  Tzdv  
Hanzel Und Gretyl  SS Deathstar Supergalactik  
Laibach  Sympathy for the Devil  
Corporate Avenger  Jesus Christ Homosexual  
Cubanate  Voids  
The Prodigy  Girls  
Lost Years  Nuclear  
Fear Factory  Genetic Blueprint  
Knife Party  Centipede  
Benny Benassi  Cinema (Skrillex Remix) (feat. Gary Go)  
Be My Enemy Vs Caustic  Oxyacetylene  
Deathstars  Cyanide  
Atari Teenage Riot  Midijunkies  
H-Blockx  The Power  
Clawfinger  Biggest & the Best  
Senser  Age of Panic  
Nine Inch Nails  Sin  
Renegade  Threshold (Original mix)  
Futurecop!  1988 Girls  
Power Glove  Maximum Potential  
Lazerhawk  Dream Machine  
Power Glove  Night Force  


Bit of Dance, Metal, Industrial, Rap rock, anything that sounds good!