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CD | Theme - Depression

jump off a bridge

Artist Song
afi  morning star 
rilo kiley  a better son/daughter 
straylight run  mistakes we knew we were making 
fenix tx  tearjerker 
yellowcard  cigarette 
dashboard confessional  the best deceptions 
hedwig and the angry inch  wicked little town 
alkaline trio  trouble breathing 
elliott smith  miss misery 
the postal service  nothing better 
the smiths  i know it's over 
radiohead  creep 
cursive  fairytales tell tales 
alkaline trio  this could be love 
jack off jill  strawberry gashes 
rilo kiley   the good that won't come out 
alkaline trio  i lied my face off 
cursive  the farewell party 
elliott smith  everybody cares, everybody understands 



Date: 12/8/2003