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Artist Song
steve roach  hope 
harold budd/john foxx  the other room 
gustav holst  venus, bringer of peace 
true colour of blood  twilight dreamstate 
jeff pearce  from a dead heart 
hafler trio  the most beautiful breath 
viridian sun  solan solar n sol 
cliff martinez  wear your seat belt 
alio die/nick parkin  unctuous vapor 
budd/foxx  curtains blowing & 
  weather patterns 
antonio vivaldi  largo movement (from concerto for guitar RV03) 
andres segovia  preludio 
john cage  melody #4 (from 6) 
harold budd  raindust 
david bowie/mick garson  the mysteries 


thought.sanctuary1,2 & 3
Created as a measured response to the book/movie/soundtrack SOLARIS, and its impact upon my
thought process.
Can a false memory alter our reality?; Do our
(good or bad) create & destroy? What say the sages:

"It is the disposition of the thought that altereth the nature of the thing "
á á á á á á á á á--John Lyly, from
Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit 1579

"... He knew that there was nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so"
á á á á á á á á á--William Shakespeare, from Othello 1604

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."
á á á á á á á á á-- Henry Ford, 1884 (OK, maybe not a Sage, but a damned fine stinker thinker hisself.

"A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts."
á á á á á á á á á--James Allen, from
As a Man Thinketh 1894

"We don't have to think like that anymore."
á á á á á á á á á-- Rheya Kelvin's recreated being, from

The Players: alio die, nick parkin, harold budd, john foxx, & cliff martinez; with isotopic resonance (& abrasion) sprinkled throughout...
[~:O "shout-outs" to Junior D, Blackadder & lo-fi jr. for contributory tracks, disc 2].
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Date: 12/9/2003
Good old Holst.
Im blood related so I have to say that.
Good mix.
Date: 12/9/2003
What a great selection of artists-- both discs look excellent!
Date: 12/9/2003
Date: 12/9/2003
I made three wishes and the Gene Genie made them all come true.
Date: 12/9/2003
Glorious. Beautiful. I feel these mixes in my shoulder blades. I feel these mixes in my breathing. Subdural mix making affecting my thoughts (good and bad). Can't get the discs out of my CD player. Thank the labs.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 12/9/2003
"Can't get the discs out of my CD player."

I'm real sorry about that, Curtis; I will endeavor to use less glue on the cover art next time...
Date: 12/9/2003
Awesome stuff. When you're ready to trade let me know! Great notes, too. I like the James Allen one especially
Date: 12/9/2003
Looks fantastic! I especially like the barely audible texture wash samples on the Steve Roach track. That man's a genius.
Date: 12/10/2003
These three mixes look great, really awesome. They remind me of a late nite college radio program called Stars End at Penn in the 70s. I had a 3rd shift job and listened to it throughout the night.
Date: 12/10/2003
As brilliantly rendered as anything I've ever heard. Achieves not only a crystalline soundscape but also works as an aural moodshifter.., the listener can do nothing but be drawn in to the 3V set....every time I get a g.a.b. lab issue it soon becomes the de facto "music to read deep books by" product. (Here I can just put all three in, back-to-back-to-back, and let it roll...) The word "corruscating" was used on the sleeve of the record to describe Jackson's notes, I did not know what it meant before I heard the record but when I did, I just knew what corruscating was. Emery, I'm uncertain as to the contents of the fabled show from yore, but, I recommend you try and obtain these. These cause sparks.(If you've seen Solaris you'll know the mood attempted to recapitulate here. Success, then, is a given as the creator is just a tad bit "perfectioniste"...)
Date: 12/10/2003
Emery--Stars End is still on. Tune to wxpn.org from 1-6am Sundays or 88.5 FM if you are still in the area. I never miss a show (even if I'm asleep)
Date: 2/3/2004
Gene - I played this one today in a perfect setting - all white snow outside with freezing rain falling. Me buried deep in my chair just staring out the windowing listening to this. Wonderful transitions from electronic to classical, and elsewhere. Wonderful! Thanks for this. I have not read or seen Solaris. Which would you recommend?
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 2/4/2004
I'd see the updated movie (c. 2003 w. George Clooney) then read
Lem's book.

Lem goes into much more detail then the movie ever could (movie
focuses more on the love story - while maintaining a Sci-Fi eerieness).
I usually like seeing the movie 1st, enjoying it, then reading the book
(and relishing in the expanded universe which it generally conveys), rather than
enjoy the book then be let down by the celluloid "Hollywood-ized" version (e.g.
Hollywood really botched The Firm IMHO).

Solaris didn't get great reviews (that's why they call 'em "critics")---but
is still a favorite of mine & will make you think about the complexity of human relationships (as opposed to an Arnie [smash 'em up with a thick accent] flick!
Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you found an appropriate venue in which to enjoy the mix.