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And I'll Breathe in Your Smell

Artist Song
Grandaddy  Fentry 
The Glands  Mayflowers 
Thee Shallows  Ballad of Douglas Chin 
The Clientele  Emptily Through Holloway 
Nourallah Brothers  I'll Be Around 
The Frames  Fighting On The Stairs 
The Softies  Tracks And Tunnels 
Sodastream  Lushington Hall 
Belle And Sebastian  Winter Wooskie 
The Reindeer Section  I'll Be Here When You Wake 
Duffy Driediger  In The Old Testament 
Julie Doiron  Again, Again 
Snailhouse  Have a Good Time (7" Version) 
Nad Navillus  Return Again Too Soon 
M·m  We Have a Map of the Piano 
Broken Social Scene  Lover's Spit 
Spiritualized  Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space 
Ladybug Transistor  I Found A Reason