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Music For Software Pirates Version 2.0

Artist Song
AUX 88  Passcode 
Cybotron  Enter 
Perspects  Desire And Efficency 
Kraftwerk  Pocket Calculator (The Mix Version) 
AUX 88  My Mind Goes Into Programming 
Fastgraph  Pull The Plug 
Arpanet  Illuminated Displays 
Magas  Toys (Redux) 
Autechre  Basscadet 
Kraftwerk  Home Computer (The Mix Version) 
Le Car  Erase That Thought 
AUX 88  The Countdown 
Komputer  Komputer Krash 


The original Music For Software Pirates didn't have the focus on computery stuff I hoped for, so I've put together this new version.
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Date: 7/1/2004
I don't know much of this - but I'm curious -