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Music For Dowd

Artist Song
!!!  The Step 
Fatima Mansions  Only Losers Take The Bus 
Pavement  Stereo 
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention  Trouble Every Day 
Wall Of Voodoo  Far Side Of Crazy 
The Beatles  Michelle 
Adult.  Glue Your Eyelids Together 
Belle And Sebastian  The State I Am In 
Hella  City Folk, Sitting, Sitting 
Cathal Coughlan  Amused As Hell 
Pink Floyd  Money 
The Doors  Light My Fire 
Toy Dolls  My Wife's A Psychopath 


My roommate, who only listens to Metal and Weird Al has considered listening to new music. This is my attempt to lead him in new directions. It's all over the map, but still fairly tightly focused