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A Day Of...

Artist Song
Blondie  Hanging On The Telephone 
Bright Eyes  Lover I Don't Have To Love 
Idlewild  I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight 
Sandy Denny  It'll Take A Long Time 
The White Stripes  You've Got Her In Your Pocket 
Al Stewart  Terminal Eyes 
Interpol  PDA 
The Beatles  Rain 
Ryan Adams  Gonna make You Love Me 
Crowded House  Nails In My Feet 
Bob Dylan  John Wesley Harding 
The Searchers  Needles And Pins 
The Libertines  The Delaney 
Biffy Clyro  A Day Of... 
The Rolling Stones  19th Nervous Breakdown 
The Vines  Get Free 
Blur  For Tomorrow 
Teenage Fanclub  Neil Jung 
Jackson C. Frank  My Name Is Carnival 
The Kills  Gypsy Death And You 


Not a road trip mix. It is about a journey, but a deeper, slightly more philosophical journey. Its about embarking upon a journey, and arriving at some form of destination, or maybe reaching an understanding of some kind. I don't do definites. Read into it what you will.