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Promises I Know I'll Never Keep

Artist Song
Arab Strap  Cherubs 
p:ano  tut tut 
Smog  It's Rough 
Idaho  The Sun Is All There Is 
Magnetic Fields  Born on a Train 
Tom Waits  Jockey Full of Bourbon 
Joel RL Phelps  Razorback 
Julie Doiron  He Will Forget 
Red House Painters  Over My Head 
Dan & Emma  Blue Sundays 
The American Analog Set  Punk as Fuck 
Snailhouse  Making Light 
Jim O'Rourke  Ghost Ship in a Storm 
Martin Tielli  Cold Blooded Old Times 
Magnetic Fields  I Think I Need a New Heart 
Elliott Smith  No Name #1 
Hayden  Carried Away 
Smog  Goldfish Bowl 
Coldplay  See You Soon 
John Murphy  End Credits for 28 Days Later