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the hands of doom

Artist Song
mf doom  the time we faced doom (skit - edit) 
mf doom  doomsday 
mf doom feat. megalon + king ghidra  operation: greenbacks 
king geedorah fet. jet-jaguar + rodan  no snakes alive 
mf doom feat. mf grimm  tick, tick... 
viktor vaughn  overture/vaudeville villain 
king geedorah  take me to your leader 
mf doom  hey! 
mf doom  back in the days (skit) 
king geedorah  fazers 
mf doom  go with the flow 
viktor vaughn  likupon 
king geedorah  monster zero 
mf doom  impostas 
mf doom  doom, are you awake? (skit) 
king geedorah feat. mf doom + mr. fantastik  anti-matter 
mf doom feat. cucumber slice  rhymes like dimes 
mf doom  dead bent 
viktor vaughn  mr. clean 
king geedorah feat. mf doom  the final hour 
mf doom  the mystery of doom (skit) 
king geedorah   the fine print 
mf doom feat. chubb rock, wordsworth, + prince paul  people, places, + things 
mf doom  the hands of doom (skit) 
mf doom feat. the herbaliser  it ain't nothin' 
viktor vaughn  modern-day mugging 
mf doom  i hear voices 


aka blatant rap genius romping through science fiction supervillain alter-egos with something like wild abandon. aka "how he doomsed dat?"


Date: 12/15/2003
I've heard the name, but am unfamiliar with his work. I suppose I should be familiar with his work, eh?End of worthless comment...
bufo alvarius
Date: 12/15/2003
The only record I've heard is Operation:Doomsday, which is incredible (and you have it well represented on here) and Viktor Vaughn is on my short list of cds I need to get. I may need a copy of this next time around. (your mixes went out this morning, my friend)
Rob Conroy
Date: 12/15/2003
Whoa. I'm totally unfamiliar with this. Count me in!
Date: 1/27/2004
awesome mix. the vik vaughn was probably my favorite release of last year. all this mix needs is "the gas face" + some k.m.d.